Apartment rentals vs. hotels

Dejan Marković,
Business Owner



Hotel aternatives are getting more and more popular - why? First, it’s the cost. A hotel at similar micro location can costs 2-4 times more. In case of a family, accomodation savings can earn you another trip, or at least leasure of your own choice.

But what about the comfort, do we get the same level of comfort as in hotel? Actually, you get higher. While average double room in a 4 star hotel is not more than 10 square meters, typical 4 bed apartment is 40 square meter, and that’s at least double in space. What’s more, good apartment has fully equiped kitchen, while hotels don’t.

What if I need help to get around the city? Or if I have questions? Just like in a hotel, ask at the reception. Most of the apartment rentiers do not have reception office, but some do, so choose wisely. 24 hours reception will also provide easy in or check out without extra cost.

Is it safe to stay at the apartment? It is as much as neighboorhood is safe. But centrally located apartment costs much less than a hotel on the outskirts. Plus it gives opportunity to stay at historical building and see how locals live. You can be a neighboor of a New Yorker, a Parisian or a Belgrader. Those are the reasons why many guests opt for apartment. To feel at home wherever you migh be – isn’t that crucial in traveling?


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