About Us

Apartments 360º is a family owned property. We started from hosting couchsurfers at our home to making it a hostel of our own. Later we started to open apartments and this resulted in Apartments 360º. Even now, however, when Threesixty is well established and renowned Belgrade accomodation, we consider our guest to be our home guest. That may be the reason why they often compare Threesixty to home. To feel at home wherever you might be  - isn't that what it's all about?


Skile is the main receptionist. He is also a writer, a playwright, an interpreter, a firemen and couple of other things. But first and foremost,  he is a Falun Dafa practitioner. He is always willing to teach his guests exercises of Falun Dafa and share his experience on how he found the Way.  Truly valuable things cannot be lost or used up once they are shared with others - quite the contrary. That's his motto.




DuškaDuaka in one of her adventures is the main shareholder. She is actually a lawyer, but lately she prefers to sit at the reception and chat with people, rather  than bust her head with laws and regulations. She makes us run this business in a legitimate way, however and that's good to some point. She likes traveling, trekking and cake-making. If you get lucky, maybe you'll taste one of her apple pies or a cheesecake.





Jug is a student of archaeology, something that can't really make your living. He also plays piano and has plans to become a classical music composer.  That may not sound like a carrier opportunity too, but reception will always be there for him. Apart from Chopin, Scriabin, Rahmaninov  and the rest of the folks, he likes graves, discipline and Germany.

Apart from English he speaks perfect German.




Sara is a student of ??? (not yet discovered) But she plans to win an Oscar, that's for sure, as she's a big movie fan.  She likes Jarmush, Truffault, Forman and Kubrick movies most. So if you happen to stuble upon a receptionist here watching a movie, that's her.

Not to forget she's a GREAT Monty Python's fan. She actually had her English lessons watching Pythons and growing with the guys. That's the reason many guys from UK judge her English to be almost perfect.


Bojana Geisha

Bojana is a person with a big heart and great hunger to meet new people so she never gets bored by guests. Not only that she'll make you company in the hostel, but she'll also guide you around the city and show you threesixty clubbing in Belgrade. Finaly she will help you get sober.

She's a student of management and a fan of Spanish culture and language so apart from English speaks perfect Spanish.



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